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Your pearly whites are just one phone call away! Our team of dental hygienists offers accurate, effective treatment plans tailored to your individual needs.

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With our experienced team of dental hygienists at Precision Dental, you get effective treatment with proven results. Our dental hygienists can help you maintain oral health and treat problems like gingivitis, periodontal disease, or tooth decay.

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Why Is Dental Hygiene Important?

We can perform thorough examinations to ensure your dental problems don’t get out of hand. Our dentists will evaluate the hygienist’s work, examine the mouth, determine the cause of any issues found, request X-rays (if necessary), and then propose a treatment plan. Regular inspections are essential, not just for keeping things clean but also for spotting potential issues before they escalate.

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An innovative and friendly dental atmosphere awaits you, where you don’t have to worry about cost, pain, or embarrassing moments. Our team is here to give you the best oral hygiene experience possible with quality care and a relaxing atmosphere.

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We all know a smile is the first step to transforming your day. The number one goal at Precision Dental is patient satisfaction, which is why we care for our patients from start to finish. Get your smile back in pristine condition for less with us!

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Because of our extensive background in dentistry, we are able to significantly enhance our patient’s standard of living.

Your dentist at Precision Dental in New Port Richey will treat you like family and work quickly and thoroughly to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.

Our actions and results are based on our values of creativity, innovation, and professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to safeguarding and keeping a healthy mouth, general dentistry encompasses a wide range of treatment choices and procedures. There are methods available to maintain a healthy mouth, gums, and teeth without experiencing discomfort. Most people think of a general dentist the same way they think of a doctor; that is, as someone whose job is to help people stay healthy and spot problems before they get worse.

As a general guideline, at least twice a year or every six months is ideal. Your dentist will recommend an appointment frequency during your regular checkup tailored to your specific needs. You should always seek professional dental care if you have a broken tooth or ongoing tooth pain.

The foundation of each dental plan is a thorough dental examination. Your general dentist will be able to more precisely identify the type of care you need to maintain good oral health. The goal of this type of routine examination, often known as a “dental check-up,” is to detect any oral medical problems, such as infection, tooth decay, or cancer, in the early stages by inspecting the structures of your head and neck, mouth, teeth, jaw joints, and gums.

The term “restorative treatment” refers to procedures performed on teeth that have been damaged or broken to repair the damage and restore the tooth to full health and function.

Your regular dentist should be able to handle any minor damage or cosmetic issues. Fillings, root canals, crowns, and extractions are all examples of restorative treatment.

Many general dentists offer procedures to enhance the appearance of your smile. Most dentists will be able to conduct cosmetic tooth restorations like veneers, bonding, and crowns, which will allow you to show off your smile with pride.

Dental hygienists are trained to look for early warning symptoms of oral diseases like gingivitis and to treat and prevent them through preventative measures. In addition, they teach people how to better care for their teeth.

In general, most people should see their dentist twice a year. It is common practice for both the dentist and the hygienist to examine a patient during a routine checkup. Cleaning and early detection of any issues are two of the main benefits of regular checkups.

Visit your dentist at least twice a year so they can look for issues you can’t feel or see for yourself. Early detection of decay helps your dentist save your teeth.

If your dental hygienist discovers any other issues with your mouth, he/she will treat them. The sooner a problem is identified, the easier it is to fix.

The following are examples of oral health care procedures performed during regular dental hygiene check-ups:

  • An appointment that leads to seeing professionals

  • Cleaning and polishing

  • Prevention

  • X-Rays (if necessary)

  • Additional recommendations and instructions for more durable teeth

A comprehensive dental checkup will look for signs of disease and decay in every tooth and inspect the gums and bone supporting your teeth to ensure your oral, head, and neck health. First-time patients typically receive this assessment, but even long-term patients should have checkups every so often.

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